The Siege of Sanctum

The year is 2477. Much of Earth’s human population is stricken with a disease that turns them into flesh-craving monsters. The city of Sanctum is the only refuge left standing for humankind. Outside its walls lie slivers of bygone civilizations consumed by mutant hunger and wrath. Inside resides even bigger monsters — power-drunk entities that prey on the poor and starving.

Jack Wulf, traverses the wastelands to eke out a living, scavenging for technology that keeps the faltering city intact. His only friend in this bleak existence is a faulty AI named Deke.

But Jack will be forced to let go of the lonely life that he’s accustomed to and brace himself for battle against a sinister being lurking in the shadows.

Will Jack overcome the odds stacked against him? Or will Sanctum’s enemies prove too powerful for one man?

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