The Crusade of Vengeance

The tides are turning, but is it enough to save humanity?

When the Empire’s last gamble pays off, the Devourer’s end finally seems inevitable.

Armed with Adler fighters and Sentinel’s devastating cannon, the Devourer’s reign of terror might be on the brink of ending.

But the colossal enemy has one last trick up its sleeve and is spreading a devilish evil across the Empire in a desperate bid at victory. Armed with city-sized masses of stinking Devourer flesh, these psychic nightmares that consume life are being warped in from deep space to wreak havoc on the Empire’s core worlds.

And even as Rex powers Sentinel’s cannon to obliterate the Devourer’s latest monstrosities, a darker evil waits in the wings, a force that dwarfs all other threats.

Advanced weaponry meets arcane entities and the very fabric of the universe hangs by a thread.

Prepare to confront the real enemy in book five of the Earthborn Saga today!