The Beast Emerges

Ancient secrets. New battles.

An unyielding, insidious peril, the Devourers unleash chaos in the galaxy.

First in their malevolent sights: the ice planet Delta-13, next the enigmatic jungles of Preleteth. Rex Hunt, driven by destiny and cryptic legends, forges alliances in the galaxy’s darkest corners.

From pirate-infested asteroids to secret Imperial bases, danger lurks at every corner. When ancient prophecies from the sentient world of Preleteth point to a shadowy salvation, Rex’s fate becomes irrevocably intertwined with a journey that spans galaxies.

Every alliance forged, every secret unveiled, and every battle waged will shape the future in this grand space opera of courage, sacrifice, and cosmic revelation.

Dive deep with Rex and his crew as they embark on a perilous journey. If you think you’ve outsmarted the might of the Empire or the ruthlessness of the Devourers‚Ķ prepare for your reckoning.

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