A Son of the Shadows

Night is falling. Embrace the darkness.

On the ice-clad prison world of Delta-13, where minds teeter on the edge of madness, mankind’s future dangles by a thread.

Living under the shadow of an imperial conspiracy, Rex Hunt discovers a psychic gift that will upset the balance of power in the entire galaxy.

As Rex grapples with his newfound power, prison psychiatrist, Dr. Lily Tselitel, delves into the chilling surge of madness among the inmates, pulling her closer to a secret as old as the galaxy itself.

Their paths converge as they uncover an imperial plot to build a weapon that threatens to suffocate the flickering spirit of rebellion in the galaxy’s fringe colonies.

Unbeknownst to the rebels, as they fight against the empire’s sinister plan, an ancient shadow looms over the galaxy, threatening to consume humanity’s vast colonies, and even Earth itself!

Discover the first book in an epic space opera where hope survives in secret taverns, and the line between life and death is blurred in the snowy expanse of Delta-13.

You’re just one click away from learning mankind’s fate…

Bissett has crafted a unique story that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions. His desire to create a rich tapestry of interconnected worlds where magic meets technology shines through in every chapter. The vastness of space provides the perfect backdrop for his epic tale, allowing him to explore themes of identity, power, and destiny on a cosmic scale. By blending sci-fi technologies with mystical powers and ancient prophecies, Bissett weaves a narrative that is both familiar yet refreshingly original.

–The Pawtucket Times

Fans of “Dune” will find “A Son of the Shadows” fascinating with its intricate world-building, complex and conflicted characters, deep reflections on human nature, and epic scope. This is truly a classic in the making.

–The Globe and Mail

As the first installment of this growing sci-fi/fantasy series, “A Son of the Shadows” lays the foundation for what promises to be an enthralling saga filled with twists, turns, and unexpected revelations. With complex characters and interwoven plotlines, each page unfolds new layers of intrigue that keeps readers guessing and deftly stokes their burning curiosity.

–The Record

A Son of the Shadows by Steven Bissett transports readers to the frigid, dystopian realm of Delta-13, a planet under the iron fist of Earth’s empire. This narrative skillfully intertwines the plight of Rex Hunt, a man condemned to eke out an existence in the harsh town of Midway due to his father’s rebellion, with a richly woven backdrop of political intrigue and survival.

–Literary Titan

A Son of the Shadows is an incredible sci-fi read full of adventure and the writing makes you feel like you are right there with the characters! Bissett does a tremendous job with developing the world of Delta-13 and the characters that will get you hooked quickly and keep you wanting more! The way that he blends sci-fi with fantasy goes together seamlessly; one of my favorite parts of any fantasy book is the world building and I could picture it so well in my mind all the way through! While reading through this book, I found myself resonating with the characters so much that it felt like I was along for the ride with them and I could hardly put it down as I was reading and NEEDING to know what happened next.

If you love science fiction, mystery, suspense, and a dystopian theme, this book is for you! 5/5

–Nicole M

A Son of the Shadows is a must-read for science fiction enthusiasts who appreciate amazing world-building, a great cast of characters, and a narrative that blends suspense, mystery, and rebellion. Steven Bissett has delivered a captivating tale that leaves readers eagerly anticipating future works in this promising universe. Highly recommended!

–Dan V.