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The Siege of Sanctum

Humanity is on the brink, goblin zombies hunger for flesh, and hulking monsters devour the unwary…

There is safety behind the fortress walls of Sanctum, the last known human city to survive the outbreak. But with a dystopian government intent on crushing dissent in the name of safety, Jack Wulf prefers to face the dangers outside the walls. Alone, he scavenges for technology and equipment he can sell on the black market.

Humanity can bite the dust, for all he cares.

But a brilliant scientist devises a foolproof plan to reverse the virus. Wulf has heard many ‘foolproof’ ideas before and knows better than to trust anyone or anything. Besides, he’s facing a dozen mutants who’ve cornered him in an abandoned basement—saving humanity is out of the question… unless he can save himself.

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Steven Bissett did a wonderful job with the characters in Owens' Gold. They were very believable and humorous at times too.

I enjoyed it so much. Can’t wait to read his next book which I have already purchased.

Look forward to reading many more books by this author in the future!

Brenda T.