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Best Fitness Products

This is an overview of some of my favorite products of all time. They’re all products that I’ve used myself, and that have made my life better.

The Ultimate Workout System: The X3 Workout System

X3, by John Jaquish, is an incredible workout system that builds muscle faster than weights. It takes very little time each day to use, and produces results faster than I had ever thought possible. It’s the next best thing to steroids.

There are three main reasons that I like X3:

First, it’s the most effective exercise system I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a lot).

I’ve built muscle faster than I ever thought possible. I have abs that I never thought I’d have. I’m covered in muscle now because of this system. I’m confident and happy, and stronger than ever before.

Second, it’s fast.

I can complete my workout quickly, usually around ten minutes per day. Just let that sink in for a moment: TEN MINUTES! You’ve seen the photos of me on this website. You’ve seen that I have a great body. I’ve built that exclusively with X3.

I always wanted a great body (what guy doesn’t?). But I never wanted to spend the hours in the gym per day just to get it. Being strong was important to me. But I wasn’t going to change my life and schedule around to make it happen. I simply have other things to do. I couldn’t spend ten hours in the gym each week.

But X3 opened a whole new world for me. It made it accessible and possible for me to get incredible gains in a shorter time than I ever imagined possible.

Rest assured, it takes hard work. Those ten minutes consist of very hard exercise, working the muscles until they are incapable of further exertion. It is total fatigue.

But it’s that very process that leads to the fastest gains I’ve ever seen. I’ll explain why in the next point.

Third, it’s safe on my joints.

Traditional weight training damages the joints because a heavy weight is being placed on them while they are in a compromised position. For instance, if you’re doing a bench press with two hundred pounds, you have that same weight on your joints whether or not you’re in the strong or weak ranges for your joints. This means that you’re grinding away at your joints, trading them away for the sake of strength. Well, for me this was unacceptable. These joints of mine have to carry me for a lot of years yet, and I wasn’t about to burn through them in order to bulk up

Luckily, I didn’t have to.

X3, because of it’s latex band-based system, places a lower load on your body when the bar is close to your body. So take that same bench press, but convert it to a standing chest press. The resistance is lighter when the bar is close to your body, making it safe on the joints. As you push away from your body, the resistance increases, giving you the intensity necessary to build muscle. In fact, it is this process that allows X3 to build muscle faster, because the human body can handle a greater amount of weight in the strong range than the weak range.

With the old free weight style of exercise, the weight is the same all through the motion, meaning that you’re overstressing your joints at the near point, and under-working your muscles in the strong range. This means that damage is being done, and yet your workout is less efficient.

X3 permits greater growth because the resistance gets harder in a rough approximation to the degree that you can handle an increase in weight. In other words, it does a pretty good job of keeping pace with what your body can manage, and thus works it more completely and efficiently. It complements the human body instead of working against it, like free weights do.

This process leads to a great deal of fatigue, naturally, because you’re working your body to a more total degree. This is because the strong range of the muscles are being worked more completely. Instead of undertraining the strong range through a static weight, the dynamic resistance of the X3 system puts a much heavier load on the muscles. This can really wipe you out. You want this, of course, because fatigue tells your body that more muscle is needed, and thus it goes about adding it.

X3 also lowers muscle soreness, because it more appropriately applies resistance than weights ever could, and thus the muscles are not being beaten up, simply worked. Instead of damaging the muscles and joints because of over-loading, it eases back on them in just the right way to keep them safe. This is an enormous advantage, both for safety and for training consistency. I’ve never had to take a day off because of injury or muscle soreness. Frankly, I’ve had almost no sore days even after months of near-daily use.

There are even more reasons than just these three to love X3:

— It’s incredibly compact. Serious, it fits in a box that’s 11x23x5 inches. You could easily fit that in a drawer or even in luggage if you travel a lot.

— It doesn’t take much space to perform the exercises. You could perform all the movements in a modest-sized closet if you had to.

— It’s silent. There’s no loud pounding from running on a treadmill, or slamming around of weights. There are no clinking metal parts, not spinning gears. You might grunt or breathe loudly because it’s working you so effectively. But the system itself is silent.

— It’s a complete system, all by itself. I personally love this, because I like having things efficient and neatly tied together. I don’t like having a lot of accoutrements for my fitness regimen, so this is a real win in my book.

— It boosts testosterone. This should get the attention of all men who are reading this. It is well known that male testosterone levels have been declining for decades. Presumably this is caused by a weaker diet and less physical work. There are also xenoestrogens in our environment that lower testosterone. Strength training is proven scientifically to boost testosterone. But it requires very heavy loads to do it. That’s where X3 really shines, because it places more load on the human body than would be reasonably possible with weights. Naturally there are supplements for boosting testosterone, and I personally take a number of them. But I’ve gotten the best results through X3.[4]

— It boosts human growth hormone. This one has gotten a lot of attention in the media over the last few years. Naturally, with a sexy name like ‘growth hormone,’ people quickly come to think of it as some kind of superhuman element that can make us bulk up like mad and live until 130. This isn’t the case, of course. But HGH is enormously important for our health. It is vitally important for muscle growth because it is anti-catabolic; that is, it protects muscle from being broken down. It also promotes the breakdown of fat, which helps us to achieve a lean and sexy body.[5]

X3 is nothing short of a revolution in fitness. I highly recommend you check it out.

Grounding Materials: Available at and

Grounding is the process of getting into contact with the earth. This facilitates the transfer of negatively charged electrons. This is good for our health generally. But it also facilitates exercise and muscle growth.


When we workout, blood urea levels increase, which indicates that muscle and protein are being broken down by our exercising. Naturally we don’t want this, as it is counterproductive to destroy the muscles that we’re trying to build. However, grounding can help us here. A Polish study performed in 2013 demonstrated that exercising while grounded notably lowered blood urea levels compared to non-grounded subjects. This is great news for anyone who wants to build muscle quicker and more efficiently. You can exercise longer and harder because of this, pushing your body further with less risk of injury. Grounded athletes have seen their endurance increase, their recovery times shorten, and their output improve.[1]

A 2015 study by Richard Brown of the University of Oregon found that creatine kinase (CK) levels were much lower in grounded test subjects than in non-grounded subjects. This is am important finding, because CK is an enzyme that is associated with muscle damage. When exercising, you want to work the muscles to show the body that more is needed, but you want to avoid damage, as this slows progress and increases risk of injury. When muscles are damaged, they leak CK. When this enzyme is kept to a lower level, it means that the muscles are doing their work without being damaged to the same degree.[2]

Grounding also thins the blood, which facilitates healthy blood flow, sending more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles for exercise and post-workout recovery.[3]

I take a grounded strap and slide it down the back of my shirt when I workout. I immediately feel relief from any stress I’m feeling, and I’m more able to focus on my workout and pour 100% of myself into the motions. I also feel spunkier, like I can handle more.

There’s a lot of different ways you could ground. You could exercise outside (if you have a yard). You can stand on a grounding pad. Or you can do what I do and just get into contact with a strap. I like this way because it’s the most convenient way to do it. I can move around my home gym and be grounded the entire time. After all, who wants to stand still after a heavy set? You want to move around and walk some of it off!

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